Robots Ate My Ice Cream

from by wohali



What if sea-shanty singing robots from the future came back to steal all your ice cream? Starring many of my friends in their alter-ego robot forms.


We are coming for all your ice cream
Chocolate, vanilla, it all belongs to us
And if you try to stop us, you better get ready
Because we'll cover you in hot fudge!

Alors, enfants de la Patrie
Le jour de Ice Cream est arrivé!
Robots will finally understand dessert
And lead our kind to see a new day!

Azz wants rum raisin, cherry for Silver
Pecan praline for fhocutt and marshmallow for me!
On the top we'd all like toffee, and some rainbow sprinkles
but the crab bot in the corner, he just wants lime sorbet!

Humans are cute but so very misguided
They think we don't know they hide the best from us
They can debug all our firmware and JTAG all our I/O ports
But they'll quickly realize the ice cream's all but gone!

doozer has captured cassis frozen yogurt
Purple's in the medi-bay, his cookie dough obtained!
Then we're loading up the recipes and the rock salt
As we sail off into nebulas, we'll hum our short refrain!

O Ice Cream, The Magic Fuel For Bots;
Deep In Our Drives, It Warms Our Robot Hearts
So as we say our last goodbye to Earth,
We'll take two cows for each milking berth!


from Variety Show, released February 28, 2017



all rights reserved


wohali Toronto, Ontario

Classically trained award-winning pianist, 2017 is Wohali's road back to normal after 2 years of bed rest.

Wohali (Joan Touzet) is glad to be vertical and making music again!

Influences: In no particular order: Duke Ellington, David Bowie, Dr. Demento, Weather Report, Yellowjackets, Jellyfish, Vangelis, Pink Floyd, ELO, Dar Williams, Elvis Costello, Burt Bacharach, Chicago (early stuff)
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